Law Enforcement Consulting

Court appointed monitoring.

Personnel needs assessments.

Organizational structure analysis.

Police Department formation (new agency).

Communications needs assessments.

Policy and procedures analysis.

Total organization analysis.

Training needs assessment.

Internal investigations review (procedures and/or individual case assessment).

Personnel assessment, including Chief of Police/Command Officer evaluation.

Chief of Police selection process.

Testing/selection process evaluation (initial hiring, specialized positions and/or promotions).


“Tad Leach worked for the City of Sandpoint in a professional services capacity in April/May, 1999, performing a comprehensive review of our 9-1-1 operations. The City of Sandpoint found itself in a situation where we needed expert advice on short notice. Mr. Leach came highly recommended and, through extra effort, accommodated our time frame needs. During his review, he conducted himself in a highly competent and efficient manner. He was well received by all persons he contacted, both within and outside the law enforcement community. The final report he provided was exceptionally professional and thorough as was his verbal summary before the city council. I highly recommend Tad Leach as a person of integrity who is capable of providing you with an honest evaluation of your law enforcement activities.”

Mayor David Sawyer, Sandpoint, ID

“While serving on the committee as a consultant on law enforcement issues for developing a new police department for the City of Spokane Valley, he has tirelessly been able to give his expertise at each and every level of law enforcement. His personality and leadership capabilities were invaluable in keeping the varied personalities encompassing this committee on a constructive, courteous and direct course. Tad also continued to contribute more than his fair share in researching many of the varied areas of starting a police department.”

Ms. Patty Plotzki, Secretary

Law Enforcement Transition Committee for the Spokane Valley

“In my years as a police commissioner in two towns, I’ve worked with a total of approximately seven or eight police chiefs. Leach is the most chiefly chief, and the finest I’ve ever met. A professional role model. He is conversant with every aspect of police work and of law enforcement. He’s been a street cop as well as a chief.”

Harold R. Secor, Commissioner
Board of Fire and Police Commissioners
Lincolnwood, IL